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To access the system for the first time, click “New User Registration” and enter your contact information as prompted. Your username will be automatically generated from your First and Last names. This registration page is used to register users for other Sea Grant sites in addition to PIER, including the Knauss Fellowship Program and Address Book. For PIER access you need only select from the initial dropdown titled “Sea Grant Staff Only.” If you are a Knauss Host or Fellow, please select Host Office or Program and Year.

You are about to access the NOAA Sea Grant's Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Resources (PIER) system. PIER is designed to facilitate communication between NOAA and the partner Sea Grant Programs. Through the system, programs integrate strategic plans, projects and funding, and project results. It is a resource for sharing Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation (PIE) information on a program scale and can be rolled up to tell a national story.

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